BEST OF 2017

I know this post is well overdue but how is everyone's first two weeks of 2018? I hope it's doing well. How did you guys welcome the new year? Well, I welcomed it by changing up my hair. I decided to cut it super short and bleaching it. It was a very painful process. PS me changing my hair has nothing to do with the new year. lol.



I went trecking! I went to Masungi Georeserve during the end of November. It's conservation area in Rizal, Philippines. It's a trail that runs around 3 to 4 hours long and you have a park ranger guiding you and teaching you more about the place and the nature around you. At first, I didn't actually want to go but I'm glad I did.


Here in the Philippines, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. After Halloween we go straight into Christmas. Having said that, I thought it would be nice to list down things that I am thankful for this year. I also think it's a good way for me to stay positive.


Hi, guys! I was reading some blogs a few days ago and I came across a blog post that Aspyn Ovard posted. She basically listed down 12 things. It wasn’t about anything in particular. It was just a bunch of random things. I love reading blog posts like this so I decided to make one …