I’ve always thought of doing monthly favourites but I always can’t seem to go around doing it. It’s either I forget or I don’t have any. With that said, I thought I should give it another shot but with a twist. I decided I’ll do a round-up of  my monthly highlights.

So my June highlights!


Hong Kong with my friends. I did a whole post about this trip. It has more details, down to what we did each day of our trip. We went to Hong Kong to celebrate our graduation. We thought seven days would be long enough but it wasn’t. It felt so short. We had so much fun that we didn’t want to go back home. We wanted to just stay there and be together. The trip was amazing. It was much needed.



Tobi & August. I got bunnies!!! Tobi is the brown one and August is the grey one. It’s actually bittersweet why I got them. While I was in Hong Kong, my puppy passed away. I was a mess and I couldn’t deal with seeing an empty cage at home every day. My dad decided to get me bunnies since I have been wanting a pair weeks before I left for my vacation.

You know those crazy cat ladies? I’m like that but for bunnies. I love them so much. I always have since I was a kid. Honestly, they don’t do much besides be cute. They don’t make many sounds. I just love sitting with them and watching them quietly. Or just running my hands through their soft fur. They make me feel so calm. I love them. They are my babies.

xx. Coleen Deanne


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