No one in this world can love you like you can love yourself. I know that sounds a bit selfish but it is sooo true. How can you expect someone to love you when you can’t even love yourself? I decided to list down a few things that can help you take the steps towards the path to some self-loving.

GET TO KNOW YOURSELF. As time goes by and as we age, you can be surprised by the things you still don’t know about yourself. Our preferences change as we do. Getting to know yourself more will help you realise who you really are and see the values you truly believe in.


ACCEPT THAT YOU AREN’T PERFECT. You are not perfect. Don’t worry, no one is. We all have flaws. If you keep waiting for all your flaws to turn perfect then it’ll take you forever before you start loving yourself. There are just some imperfections that cannot be fixed. Just embrace them and make them a part of who you are.


FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I said that some things about ourselves cannot be fixed. However, there are some things that can be. Ask yourself the reasons that are holding you back from loving yourself. Once you have determined those things, assess whether it’s something you can accept or fix.


FORGIVE YOURSELF. Some of us carry around extra baggage from the past. Things that we have done wrong in the past that we can’t seem to let go. You need to take those mistakes and wrong doings and learn from them but don’t let them hold you back. Learn to forgive yourself and move forward with your life. Carrying them around won’t do you good.


PRACTICE SELF-CARE. Loving yourself means taking care of yourself. Do things that you know will make you happy. It doesn’t matter if it is just staying at home and reading a book or going out to get your nails done. Pamper yourself once in a while. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself afterward.


NEVER GIVE UP. No matter what you are doing never give up. Always finish what you started even if it gets very frustrating. The feeling of accomplishment you get after getting it done is very much rewarding. You’d be so proud of yourself.

xx. Coleen Deanne

Clothes: Elijane Tan
Hair & Makeup: Camille Ong Lima

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