I  know what you are thinking after reading the title. What on earth is that? A lot of you may or rather will think I’m a weird person. I eat my cereal with water. During rare occasions, I do eat it with milk but it’s not my preferred option.


At this point, you are now probably wondering why I’m telling you this or why I’m making a whole blog post about it. Here is the thing, we all have our own quirks. You know, the one thing (or a lot of things) that may seem weird or strange to others but it makes us who we are.

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Some people are scared to tell others what their quirks are. They are scared people might laugh at them or something. I used to be like that. I used to eat certain foods (yes, it’s not just cereals that I eat not like most people) how most people would so that others won’t find me weird. It was very uncomfortable. I didn’t like it but I did it anyway ’cause I didn’t want the people around me to judge me.

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After a while, I could no longer take it. I wasn’t comfortable with altering myself so people won’t judge me. I started doing things the way I wanted to.Not just with food but with everything else. This meant I started eating my cereal with water in front of people.

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I’m not gonna lie, people thought I was weird. They laughed when they saw me or I told them. I didn’t really mind. It’s how I wanted to do things and I wasn’t affecting anyone so it was okay. I stopped caring about what others might think about MY quirks.

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The whole point of this post is to accept yourself. Accepting even the tiny details like your little quirks that make you who you are. Accept it, embrace it, be proud of it.

I am Coleen Deanne and I eat cereal with water.

Xx. Coleen Deanne

Clothes: Elijane Tan
Hair & Makeup: Camille Ong Lima

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