September has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me. One day its just getting started and the nest thing I know it’s Β October. Β A lot of things happened but here are some of the highlights of this month!

Manila International Book Fair

This year, I got to attend my very first ever book fair. I was so looking forward to this event. I don’t usually go to things like this because I get very anxious and I don’t like being in crowded places. Still, I decided to go ’cause maybe I would be wrong, which turned out, I was right. It was crowded and people were rude. I did get very overwhelmed.
I managed to find 2 books to buy. I’m excited to start reading them since I have been wanting these books for a while now. One of them, I didn’t even think I’d find here. I’m thinking about making a whole series here on the blog about books that I have been reading. I feel like that would really help me get back into reading more often.
I also got to hang with some of my high school friends, so despite the anxiousness, the day was pretty good. I look forward to going again next year. I just hope the people won’t be so rude. Although, I highly doubt that would happen.

Quitting my job.

This month, I ended my time with Bride and Breakfast. It was fun while I was there but there were certain issues in my personal life that I have to focus on.

Death anniversary of a friend.

September will never be the same after last year. A good friend of mine passed away. After a year, it’s honestly still so hard to accept it.
During her death anniversary, I got to see a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years! It was bittersweet. It was nice seeing her but it’s sad ’cause of the circumstances.


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